Welcome to ABStralia!

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I like building with Lego. Yes, at my age! I like building kits designed by Lego as well as building my own creations (MOCs).

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    Sometimes I write reviews of Lego sets.  Sometimes I don't :-)

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Q. Do you really play with Lego? At your age?
A. Yes, but I would say I build with Lego rather than play with it. Yes, even at my age!

Q. What's ABStralia mean?
A. It's what you get when you cross Australia with ABS. What's ABS? It's the plastic that Lego is made from and is short for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Sorry you asked now? It's a type of plastic which holds its shape and colour very well.

Q. Why is bricklink better than eBay for buying and selling Lego?
A. Primarily because bricklink is specialised on Lego. Bricklink has a built-in catalogue of all Lego sets, parts, colours etc which makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to be precise about what is being bought and sold. Also bricklink buyers and sellers are Lego enthuasiasts, so their used Lego is of reasonable quality because they take good care of it, whereas you can get some terribly abused Lego from ebay, especially when kids have chewed it, used it in the mud, left it in the sun and drawn on it with permanent markers (yeah, people sell Lego like that on ebay usually describing it as "good condition"). Also you seem to get more scammers and shipping gougers on ebay.