Windtrainer exercise programs

The programs below are assumed to be run on a computer beside your Windtrainer and will count you down to the transitions to different exercises or recoveries within the program. The program launches in a new full-screen window. The countdown starts immediately, but there is a pause button. The last 10 seconds of an exercise are counted down in red.

Remember to disable your screen saver!

New: Mobile phone support for "windows ce", nokia / symbian phones with browser support for javascript. If your phone displays the countdown, but the font is too big, email me with the time and timezone you tried and the brand and type of phone.

If your bike uses resistance levels rather than gears, try this conversion table to 0-10 resistance scale.

Available exercise programs
Basic30 30 minutes basic exercise
Blackburn-1 B1 - Intervals - 1Hr,
Blackburn-10 B10 - 90/100 RPM intervals (1 hr),
Blackburn-11 B11 - 100 RPM power ramps (1 hr),
Blackburn-12 B12 - Single Leg exercises and out of saddle (1 hr),
Blackburn-2 B2 - High RPM intervals - 1 Hr,
Blackburn-3 B3 - Intervals high RPM and standing [1hr]
Blackburn-4 B4 - Ramp intensity at 100 PRM then Intervals at 90-100 RPM - 1 Hr,
Blackburn-5 B5 - 1-3 min effort intervals efforts (1hr),
Blackburn-6 B6 - Ramps (1 hr),
Blackburn-7 B7 - Ramps (1 hr),
Blackburn-8 B8 - 100 RPM training (1 hr),
Blackburn-9 B9 - 90/100 RPM intervals (1 hr),
Boutcher 20 min of super short intervals - Prof Boutcher UNSW,
CadenceWorkout Cadence workout
Hill_Workout Hill Climb Workout (45mins),
Interval-Power 60 minutes power interval from ArchAngel at
Interval-PowerAlt 60 minutes power interval from ArchAngel at
Interval-Speed 30 minutes speed interval from ArchAngel at
Interval-SpeedAlt 30 minutes speed interval from ArchAngel at
Interval-UpDown 110 minutes Up-Down from ArchAngel at
PedalStrokeWorkout Pedal Stroke Workout
ResistanceBike-01 Resistance bike #1 - Intervals - 1Hr,
Sprint_Workout Sprint Workout (45mins),
Time_Trial_Workout Time Trial Workout (45mins),
Variety_Workout Variety Workout (45mins),