Descendants of Moggill Pioneers

When the Descendants of Moggill Pioneers group was established in 1987, Mabel Kelly, the inspired leader, gathered her committee together because she felt that the condition of the Cemetery was a worry, and she was disappointed that so many of the memorials had been removed. She was passionate to ensure that this part of the history of Moggill would be preserved. So with very wide publicity, they appealed to people who had ancestors buried in Moggill Cemetery, to prove this fact with a death certificate or other document which proved the point, and the family was then recognised as descendants of a Moggill Pioneer. The monument at the Cemetery is dedicated to the early pioneers and their families and was officially unveiled as part of the Bicentennial celebrations in 1988. Sadly Mabel Kelly passed away in October 2008.

Thus it may be seen, that the important point for membership of the group, was whether a family member had been buried in the Moggill Cemetery. It is understood that burials of people whose ancestors are already there, are still allowed, and other people may have a memorial stone in the adjacent Memorial Garden.

Accordingly, the Group now welcomes any interested persons to the meetings, whether or not their family is buried there. The group meets at the Moggill Cemetery several times a year. Meetings are informal and there is no charge to belong or attend the gatherings.

Don Greer, the current President, would be pleased to provide more information if you contact him at