Search of historic map collection of Queensland by coordinates

The Qld Govt has digitised over 10,000 historic maps of Queensland. One of them may be perfect for your historical research, but you aren’t going to look through 10,000 maps to see if they cover the place you want.

This tool allows you to specify where in Queensland you are interested in using latitude and longitude and it will return you a list of maps that include that place. Depending on the information provided with each map, we either know exactly if it includes the place (works for about 2/3rd of the maps) or we have to do some guesswork (about 1/3rd of the maps). If the map suggested was based on guesswork, it will be indicated in the Approx field.

The maps are always returned to you ordered by scale, so the most “close-up” map covering a small area will be returned before the “broad brush” maps covering a large area. Generally close-up maps will show more detail. But different types of maps show different kinds of information, so you should check the less detailed maps if the detailed maps don’t help.

With each map returned, it includes a Zone which tries to direct your attention to the correct part of the map for the coordinates you have. The zone is done by dividing the map vertically into A (the top), B, C, D (the bottom) and horizontally into 1 (the left), 2, 3, (the right). If the Approx field is blank, this zone will be highly accurate. If the Approx field is not  blank, then this zone will also be approximate.

Please enter the latitude and longitude of the place of interest in decimal format. Latitudes for Queensland are negative (South) and Longitudes positive (East). For example, if you were interested in the Brisbane City Hall area, the decimal degrees are latitude -27.468 and longitude 153.023 -- try them and see what you find!

latitude longitude

How to get latitude and longitude in decimal degrees using Google Maps.

Navigate your way to your place of interest on Google Maps. Then right-click and a panel of information will appear with the decimal degrees at the top, move your mouse over the decimal degrees and then left-click. The decimal degrees will now be in your clipboard for you to paste.

Using Queensland Place Names database

If you are using the Queensland Place Names database, search for the place name you want. When you have found its entry, copy from the decimal degrees it provides.

Conversion Degree/Minutes/Seconds to Decimal Degrees

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