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History         of Theebine State School  (Est.) 1889



The following information is taken from the Official Souvenir Centenary Booklet.

Theebine state school - we live to learn - schoold no 579

The following information includes school background, and past pupils list.



The establishment of a provisional school at Theebine, known then as Slaty Creek or Kilkivan Junction, was a slow process over a number of years. The earliest school in the district attended by children from this area was called the Slaty Creek School, and was situated near the Sawmill Bridge on the road to Miva. It was opened in 1874 and in the main was run on a half time basis with the Gootchie School (Miva) on the west bank of the Mary. The Slaty Creek School closed in 1879 though Kilkivan Junction residents wrote to the Department pleading that it be kept open, as the Miva one was too far away for their children to attend. The Miva one continued till 1934. On its closure some pupils transferred to Theebine.

The Thompson's Flat School (Gunalda) opened in 1881 and children from Slaty Creek travelled the 4 to 5 miles to attend.

On the 20th June, 1884, the District Inspector, Mr. R.N. Ross wrote the following report: "I have the honour to state that on the 20th June, as I was travelling from Thompson's Flat to Glenbar, I was met by Messrs. G.T. Dakin and C.F.W. Schmidt, both of whom reside at Slatey (sic) Creek.

'Their object in meeting me was to learn what steps it was necessary to take in order to establish a provisional school at Slatey Creek, They stated that there were about twenty (20) children of school age who would attend the Slatey Creek school if one were provided. Of this twenty (20) fourteen (14) now attend the Thompson's Flat provisional school.

'It appears that those fourteen (14) children, who attend Thompson's Flat school, have, many of them, to avoid crossing creeks, to use the railway line in going to and returning from school, a very undesirable road for school children. By the main road they would have about four (4) miles to walk.

'If a school be granted a suitable building will be erected and furnished in accordance with Regulation Clause 68. There is no school reserve at Slatey Creek, which is close to the Maryborough and Gympie main road, about three and a half miles from Keelah (Thompson's Flat). There is however, a permanent reserve flanking the main road (Maryborough/Gympie) part of which, would be highly suitable for school purposes.

'An admirable site for a school would be that portion of the reserve where the proposed railway to Kilkivan crosses the main road (Maryborough and Gympie). This site, following the main road, is about three and a half  miles from the Thompson's Flat provisional school. 'There is permanent water near this site. It has a frontage to the main road (M. & G.), the proposed railway to Kilkivan bounds it on the north, the government reserve stretches to the south, and to the rear it would terminate in a wooded ridge.

The residents at Slatey Creek are selectors and hence the school would, in all probability, be permanently required. 'Mr. Schmidt, the principal selector intimated to me that he would take immediate steps both to secure the site and to communicate with the Department.'

Carl Schmidt commenced the flow of correspondence to the Secretary for Public Instruction on 10th July, 1884, requesting that a school be established. On 12th August, 1884, he wrote as follows • —

The application forms were forwarded following a public meeting held on the 8th May, 1886. Following is the list of parents and children residing near the proposed school.

Carl F.W. Schmidt's family, residing on Portion 1544, % mile from site — Charles 10yr, Albert 9yr, Frederick 8yr, Arthur 6yr, Robert Syr.

G.T. Dakin's family, residing on Portion 1215, half a mile from proposed site — Arthur 11yr, Sarah 9yr, Ellen 8yr, Martha 6yr, Robert Syr.

P. Mackie's family, residing Kilkivan Junction Railway, 14 mile from site — James 7yr.

Fritz Malcho's family, residence not shown, 1 mile from proposed site — Sinus Malcho.

E. Deacon's family, residing Kanyan Station, 2 miles from proposed site — Edith 6yr, Edward 3 yr. B. Balderson's family, residing on Portion 1570, Vs mile from proposed site — Louisa 12yr, Jane 9yr.

G.T. Dakin, B. Balderson and C.F.W. Schmidt were elected to form a building committee. With respect to the school site, a seven acre Reserve was originally proclaimed at the corner of Goonda and Womalah Streets, Coorindah. (Coorindah was surveyed as a township in 1886, complete with school reserve, recreation reserve, streets and housing blocks, but appears not to have been used except for one block on which the hall stood for some years. See map of Coorindah for actual details.)

The Kilkivan Junction School was erected on Crown Land (not a proclaimed reserve) adjacent to the gate house of the North Coast Railway. The site was described on the application form as being ¼ mile from Kilkivan Junction South'. Carl Schmidt's accompanying letter describes it thus, "bounded by the North by Kilkivan Railway line, by the South by Slatey (sic) Creek, by the East by Maryborough and Gympie Railway line, by the West by Maryborough and Gympie road.'

There was some confusion in later years regarding the actual site of the school reserve, which possibly came about from the very broad descriptions used.

The Department of Public Lands advised the Department of Public Instruction that the Surveyor General has been requested 'to survey ten acres as a School Reserve on Slaty Creek at that portion of the Government Reserve where the Kilkivan Railway Line crosses the Maryborough and Gympie Main Road.' The Government Gazette of 6th August, 1887 described the land as follows:-


reserve FOR state school purposes. 87-17090—8.0.


County of March, parish of Gutchy.

Area—7 acres.

Commencing on the right bank of Slaty Creek at the west side of Woondah street, and bounded thence on the east by that street bearing north five chains and twenty links and passing through a post forty-eight links from said creek; on the north-west by Goondah street bearing 261 degrees eleven chains and fifty-two links; on the south-west by Main street bearing 170 degrees 9 minutes two chains and l53 degrees six chains and sixty links to Slaty Creek, and passing through a post sixty links from said creek; and on the south-east by that creek upwards to the point of commencement.


On 1st July, 1886 District Inspector MacGroarty reported on his visit to Slaty Creek to assess the need for a school. He mentions that, "quite close to the new school site is a gate house, where the Kilkivan railway line crosses the old Maryborough and Gympie road,' also, 'seeing that the Thompson's Flat School is generally overcrowded, and that the minimum average is likely to be maintained here, I think that the establishment of a provisional school at Slaty Creek may be fairly sanctioned.'

The building of the school was again postponed due to bad seasons and heavy losses and it wasn't until October, 1888 that Carl Schmidt wrote to the Department requesting permission to commence the building, then on 8th February, 1889 he advised its completion.

'I have the honour to inform you that our Provisional School Building at Slaty Creek Kilkivan Junction is now finished and ready for opening. At present there are over 30 children of ages ranging between 5 and13 years. The district being peopled by farmers and settlers the population is permanent and a number of children now approaching five will be coming on shortly for attendance at the school.

"Re the appointment of a teacher, we are all acquainted with Mr. George Hughes of Dunmora near Maryborough and would be very glad to get his services here as Teacher, but though Mr. Hughes would be very glad to come among us he says that his present salary is one hundred pounds and that he would be unwilling to go to a school where he might get less, as it might lower the estimation in which he thinks he is held by the Department.

'We believe Mr. Hughes to be a painstaking teacher and would be glad to get his services if the Department would give such a salary as would be an inducement for him to give us his services. The teacher appointed could either live with one of the families or occupy a little cottage within easy distance of the school. It is our intention as soon as funds are available to erect a teacher's residence on the school ground.'

The first school committee - Mr. R. Davies, Chairman; Mr. H. McStravick, Treasurer; Mr. P. Hansen, Secretary - was elected on March, 7th 1889.


Mr. George Hughes opened the school (No. 579) on 19th March, 1889 with an attendance of 10 girls and 11 boys.

In the absence of the school admission register which has been inadvertently lost or destroyed, one can only surmise who these first day pupils may have been. The committee members Davies, McStravick and Hansen would have had children attending. Some children from this area who were already going to Thompson's Flat School would also be included - Dakin, Balderson, Schmidt, Lindsay, Hubbert. Mr. Hughes was transferred in October1889 and replaced by Mr. John Downey who remained as teacher till April 1890, when Mr. David Bell arrived.

District Inspector Walter Scott reported on 12th January, 1892 - 'I saw the Secretary - Mr. Dakin - by appointment at Kilkivan Junction on the 27th December, and from an inspection of his accounts and my own knowledge of the place, am able to submit the following information:- The Schoolroom is built on a 'School Reserve' of 7 acres:

gazetted 30th July 1887.

'The building is of hardwood throughout, except the battens for the roof and doors. It has casement windows, two on each side, a small (unfloored) veranda in front, and iron roof. It measures 24ft by 14ft, is well built and in good condition. The builders were - Messrs. Dakin and Smith (sic). For preliminary clearing of the scrub by the people no charge was made.

Cost of material for building and furniture £31/06/00

Labour estimated at £10/00/00 and given as

subscription £10/00/00

Cost of tank £6/11/00; of spouting and stand 10/- £7/01/00

TOTAL £48/07/00 "The whole is well worth the above sum. 'My own estimate of value, before seeing the accounts was fully £55/00/00.

'I recommend the Committee's request for favourable consideration.'

During Mr. Scott's visit he drew the attention of the teacher Mr. Bell, to the intense heat coming from the iron roof and recommended that the school should be ceiled. The Secretary of the School Committee George Dakin, wrote to the Department stating that they would like to ceil the school with tongued and grooved pine the cost of which would be £5/00/00. As the committee had no funds and several of the parents were unable to give any help he requested that the Department pay half the cost.

In September, 1895, Stephen Lamer, as Secretary of the School Committee wrote seeking the Department's financial assistance for some urgent improvements as the committee had exhausted their funds completing a post and rail fence around the school grounds. One of the closets had been burned down in a recent bushfire, and veranda's were badly needed round the school before the hot weather set in. The settlers were in the grip of a continued drought. Tenders were called and Mr. H. Pursey completed the work for £13/3/9, of which the Department paid £12/00/00. Mr. A. Woodhouse was Secretary of the School Committee at the time.



The original early Admission Registers were unable to be located in State Archives, the History Unit of the Education Department, or at Theebine, and it was believed that all School Registers pre 1974 had been lost or destroyed. Fortunately two Registers dating from 1931 onward were found at the school in September 1988, but as the 1931 register recommenced numbering the pupils attending the school from number one, the total school enrolment from 1889 to 1931 may never be known. 674 pupils have been officially recorded from 1931 to December, 1988.

The following list of past pupils' names has been collected from various sources. There are obviously a number of omissions and errors. However it was necessary to create a list so that at least some past pupils' names may be recorded. They have been placed in fairly flexible five year groups up to 1931, when the registers are available.

1889 - 1895

Robert, Martha, Lavina & Emma Dakin, ? Davis, Edith & Edward Deacon, Annie & Thomas Hansen, Christina Heidemann, Walter Hoffman, Elizabeth, Selina & Thomas Hubbert, Herbert Lindsay, James Mackie, John & Sinner Malcho, Mary & John McStravick, Henrietta Morgan, Arthur & Robert Schmidt, Annie Tulloch. Names of other families in the area in this period include Bosel.  Ames, Woodhouse, Kelly, Tunny, Stuckey, Alien, Neils, Lewis, Mclntyre, Pederson, Felling, Monaghan and Paterson (Stn. Master). 

1900 - 1905

Elsie, Mabel & Amelia Balderson, Arthur Bull, Rose & John Bulmer, Mick, Jack & Honor Coyne, William Dakin, Rosie & Maggie Gallagher, Rudolph & Elsie Hoffman, Art & Winnie Lamer, Lila & Winnie Moore, Bill & Tom Morgan, William Tate, Myrtle & Olive Watson, Ivy, Victor, Isabel & Bert Wood. Other families included Forster, Jenkinson and Tyson 

1905 - 1910

Ivy, Vera, Ethel & Herbert Balderson, Beatrix & llfra Bentley, Emil & Norm Bosel, Ivy Clift, Bert & Emily Day, Ivy Davis, Jean Francis, Elsie & Lena Hawkins, Archie Hoffman, Lily & Fred Jensen, Harold & Cecil Shapland, Gavin (Mac) Watson, Myrtle Wood. Other families included Campbell, O'Shea, Burnes, Barnett, Kenny, Coleman, Garbutt, Sauer, Cooney and McCaw.


? Aisthorpe, Daisy & Tom Balderson, Mabel Black, Lily Bulmer, Maude Caswell, Owen (Jack) Day, Marie Francis, Edna Griffin, Jessie Jacob, William Jenkins, Bert & Flo Jensen, Olive & Evelyn Shapland, Errol Tate, Violet Thompson, Robert Ward, George & Stanley Weir.

1915 - 1920

Les Balderson, Bernie & A. Berghoffer, Fred & May Bulmer. Bill, Norman, Olive & Pearl Caulley, Myrtle, Ronald & Lance Dakin, Percy, Jim & Ted Day, Grace, Joyce & Don Dimmock, Lea Downing, Hugh Duff, Evelyn & May Griffin, Hans, Kate, Grace, August & Rose Heidemann, Frank Henzell, Doreen Jenkins, Stanley Jensen, Mona Johnston, Ailsa & Mona Mongomery, Roger, Mona & Nora O'Connell, Millie Williams. 1920 - 1925

Richard Aisthorpe, Neta Burley, Donald Caulley, Leonard, Tom, May, Ann & Victor Dakin, Harold Griffin, ? Hartvigsen, Agnes Heidemann, Joe Jenkins, Halley Jensen, Ula, Cedric & Doris Nayler, Dorothy & Claude Schubel, Doris Strawbridge, Clifford Wood, Vie & Gladys Wright.

1925 - 1930

June Alderson, Celia Burley, Jean Caulley, Elsie Crouch, Cecil & Christine Cullen, Lila Dakin, Margaret Dunning, Thelma&George Hindmarsh, Herbert Loch, Phyllis Mugford, ? Petersen, Mona Ross, Eddie, Reg, Ron & Olive Sami, Les Schmidt, Ailsa Shapland, George Walton.

The registers at the school commence in 1931 and start with a list of students already attending. Some of these may have been in their last year of schooling.

On roll as at January 1931 —

Lily Dakin, Arthur Shapland, Frances Crouch, Olive Dakin, Stanley Dakin, Gordon Caulley, Eric Shapland, Harrington Crouch, Rudolph Kunst, Eric James, Elizabeth Heidemann, Christina Hoffman, Nellie Crouch, Alma Dakin, Winifred Schmidt, Mary Green, Ivan Dakin, Gordon Crouch, Keith Hoffman, Colin Lamer, Allan Lamer, Neville Shapland, Frederick Lamer, Nancy Green, Ethel Green, Joyce Lamer, Phyllis Lipsett, Nance Dyer, Henry Green, Ronald Lamer, Florence Dakin, lla Shapland, Ailsa Johnson, Merle Johnson.


Keith Weir, Thelma Paterson, Dorothea Shepherd, Thelma Shepherd, James Shepherd, Ernest Walton, Ethel Walton, John Walton,

Bernice Sonnenburg, Melville Mongomery, Gladys Maguire, Noela Edmonds, James Edmonds, Gladys Edmonds, Samuel



Leslie OIney, Betty Messenger, Wilhelmina Dakin, Florence Walton, Colin Day, Noel Manthey, Joan Edwards, Raymond O'Farrell, Godfrey Bauer.


Raymond Wright, Veronica Eagers, Maureen Eagers, Nola Murray, Beryl Fletcher, Rex James, Ailsa Crouch, Sylvia Hoffman,

Henry Alien, Eric Ashton, Joan Ashton.


Eric Chalmers, Stanley Chalmers, Keith Stewart, Fredrick Bainbridge, Agnes Bainbridge, Kathleen Hurt, Mabel Vaughan, Isabel Vaughan, Irene Vaughan, Kenneth Vaughan, Ellen Ross, Lorna Ross, Leslie Ross, Hazel (Daphne) Jenkins, Francis Walton, Joan Chalmers, Terence Stewart, Lila Dakin, Beryl Nahrung, Colin Nahrung, Keith Langley, Moya Langley, Lola Meyers, Joyce Campbell, Joan Campbell, Beryl Simmons, Stanley Home.


Nancy Lipsett, Aileen Glover, Leslie Reimers, Eric Reimers, Lillian Reimers, Beryl Reimers, Ailsa Dunning, Fanny Bradford,

Margaret Bradford.


Hilda Martoo, Francis Martoo, Reginald Martoo, Joan Ross, Laura Dakin, Thyrlene Caulley, Heuston Abel.


Brian Weir, Desmond Nayler, Hazel Hoffman, Sylvia Cullen, Lester Walker, Brian Dunning, Dawn Day.


Maxwell Kroh, Valmai List, Leslie List, Mervyn List, Keith Platz, Eric Platz, Noel Platz, Eunice West, Jean West, Michael McCarthy.


John Lipsett, James (Kevin) Dolan, Vada Meyers, Edna Dakin, Audrey Weir.


Walter Thomas


Lyie McVeigh, Rachel Jenkins, Reginald Balkin, Patrick Balkin, Irene Balkin, Doreen Balkin, Ronald Carr, Roland

Lawrence, Vernon Lawrence.


Brian Mitchell.


Roland Kunst, Clarice Kunst, Paul Griffin, Graham Day, Douglas Thomas, Sydney Jenkins, Merle Day, Coral Cullen, Charles Dakin, Kathleen Steffens, Patricia Steffens, Lorna Steffens, Reuben Steffens, Neville McCall.


Hazel Dennis, Donald Nahrung, William Nahrung, Mervyn Day, Barbara Skenner, Oriel Balderson, Violet Schilling, Melvyn Hinchliff, Graham Balderson, Gloria Tombs, Darrel Caulley, Clarence Raabe, Fredrick Raabe, Raymond Ford, Nell McKenna, Janice McKenna, June McKenna, Raymond Pollard.


William Martin, Janice Hetherington, William Blackwell, Robert Jenkins, Erie Dakin, Maureen Hoffman, Clare Griff in, Gavin Scott, Esme Scott.


Bernie Kunst, Zenie Kunst, Jack Burke, Mary Burke, David Ramsay, James Gushing, Jocelyn Gushing, Ida (Fay) Ramsay, Thomas

Ramsay, Laurence Ramsay, Pamela Ramsay.


Melvyn Meyers, Trevor Ford, Bruce Cullen, Gwendoline Coe, Eunice Wright, Maurice Wright, Joan Dakin, Gail Jenkins, Gloria

Blackwell, Patricia Balkin, Gary Balkin, Florence Kunst, Colin Kersnovske, Beryl Kersnovske, Janice Kersnovske, Valmai

Kersnovske, Dulcie Kersnovske, Ronald DeFlamingh (Burton), Bevan Nahrung, Edward Mitchell, Dudley Ross, June Ross, Harold



John McLennan, Lois McLennan, Kevin Day, Bevan Day, Elaine (Joy) Dakin, Donald Dakin, Noel Kersnovske, Glenda Balderson,

Gail Dakin, Valmai (Roslyn) Ramsay, Lynette Dakin, Neale Meyers, Colin Robertson.


John Martin, Graham Philbey, Kenneth Anderson, Rosalind Hall, Mervyn Cooper, Lex Cooper, Gweneth Caulley, Yvonne Boyington.


Raymond Cheney, Darrel Philbey, Jeffery Caulley, John Caulley, John Balderson, Trevor Dakin, Estelle Skerritt, Sylvia Skerritt, Llewellyn Hart, Patricia Williams, Catharine Williams, Walter Williams, Diana Hart, Robert Dakin, Ronald Beath, John Hart, Charles Turner, Rose Turner.


Carmel Balkin, Violet Turner.


Jeanette Jenkins, Kenneth Jenkins, Carolyn Caulley, Susan Armstrong, Sherryl Parker, Bernard Porter, Kevin Porter.


Barbara Palmer, Janette Sexton, Diane Porter, Kay Ramsay, Harold Masters, Jennifer Masters, Mary O'Brien, Aileen Alexander, Hilma Alexander, Lindsay Alexander, Cecily Ferguson, Thelma Ferguson, Bronwyn Ferguson, Melville Ferguson, Beverley Egan, Kevin Egan, Mary Wilcox, Gail Wilcox, Alien Woodrow, Pamela Woodrow, Fay Woodrow, Robyn Woodrow, James Dore, Toni Potts.


Gwenyth Shapland, Ronald Jenkins, Gregory Jenkins, Leon Hoffman, Judith Fraser, Yvonne Dakin, Sandra Balderson, Marie

McLennan, Jennifer Lipsett, Maurice Simpson, June Urquhart, Desmond Mitchell.


Barry Caulley, Karen Hoffman, Clair Sexton, Noel Dore, Patricia Fraser, Margaret O'Brien, Carolyn Wright, Glennis Radel, Neville Radel.


Lionel Caulley, Warren Dakin, Graham McLennan, Margaret Jenkins, Diane Shapland, Marlene Dakin, Gloria Parker.


Walter Blewonski, Linda Sexton.


Richard Beath, Carol Beath, Judith Beath, Garry Lawrence, Jennifer Palmer, Carolynn Palmer, Arno Blewonski, Daryl McGrath,

Gregory McGrath, Cheryl McGrath, Margaret Krause, Pamela Krause.


Terrance Park, Cheryl Nahrung, Diane Nahrung, Kaye Nahrung, Marlene Kunst, Lawrence Hallett, Caroline Hallett.


Glen Park, Neville Hallett, Gregory Pearson, Lance Woodhouse, Denise Miller, David Hiron, Gary Nahrung, John Strawbridge,

Anne Lawrence.


Gail Bonnick, Owen Woodhouse, William Krafft, Raymond McQuillan, Daryl Frahm.


Margaret Sexton, Elaine Strawbridge, Glen Dakin, Peter Hiron, Barry Hiron, Alan Park, David Fry, Joy Lawrence, Douglas Beath,

Fay Woodhouse, Valerie Bonnick, Gay Turner, Robert Turner, Barbara Davidson.



William Turner, lan Robertson, Jeffrey Park, Annette Fry, Robyn Niesler, Frederick Niesler, Dianne Kersnovske, Cheryl Quinn, lan Quinn, Raymond Robbins, Douglas Robbins, Valerie Robbins, Malcolm Robbins.


Edward Jenkins, Miles Paterson, Ann Paterson, Pauline Woodhouse, lan Nahrung, Michael Lawrence, Rose Bonnick, Jennifer

Hartwig, lan Hartwig, Ronald Thompson, Malcolm Thompson, Irene Haack.


John Atherton, Kevin Kington, Harold Laycock, Gregg Lawrence, John Blair, Judith Bergmeier, Jennifer Bergmeier, Ronald

Bergmeier, Francis Beath, Rosemary Fry, Joel Woodhouse, Susan Macaulay, Wayne Macauley.


Bronwyn Bulmer, Kenneth Peile, lan Payne, Trevor Jenkins, Robert Robertson, Stephen Ryan, Elizabeth Atherton, David Ross, Kathleen Ross, Gregory Ross, lan Ross, Beverley Luckel, Kevin Luckel, Wayne Luckel, Neville Luckel, Noel Ward, Debra Ward, Tony Ward, lan Ward.


Graham Lehmann, Grant Blair, Mark Vollmerhausen, Brian Luckel, Gayleen Shailer, Narelle Shailer, Gary Shailer, Ellen Reece,

Stephen Odgers, Angela Odgers, Kevin Webb, Robyn Vorpagel.


Susan Vorpagel, Jean Laycock, Stephen Murray, Leonard Neilsen, Denise Ryan, Marshal Schultz, Julie-Ann Schultz, Ronald



Vicki Nahrung, Dianna Atherton, Stuart Vollmerhausen, Linda Ross, Troy Odgers.


Eddie Simpson, Glenda Simpson, Alison Rabnott, Frances Murray.Bronwyn Blair, Peter Bulmer, Christopher Laycock, Glen

Robertson, John Hewitt, Maureen Ryan.


Nadine Odgers, Eric Quinn, Lester Quinn, Norman (Bruce) Hibbett, Wayne Wade.


Karen Day, Russell Nahrung, Julie Wade, Susanne Laycock, Craig Williams, Leanne Hibbett, Andrew Burgess, Amanda Campbell-



Diane Wheeler, Elizabeth Anstis, Sandra Vorpagel, Wendy Martin, Fiona Paterson, Dale Williams, Stephanie Blair, Darren Davey-McCalman, Judith Doyle, Benjamen Robson, Beau Robson.


Annette Hewitt, Pamela Gilvear, Glenda Murray, David Walton, Margaret Crozier, Michael Raabe, Janelle Downing.


Mark Hibbett, Andrew Martin, David Vorpagel, Steven Wright, Tony Williams, Amanda Nielsen, Rowena Blair, Shane Tratt, Mark

Tratt, Darrin Carter, Barbara Kerkow, Ralph Kerkow, Cecil Kerkow.


David Bally, Alexander Bally, Steven Neilsen, Philip Campbell-Wilson, Suzanne Gilvear, Tony Venner, Clyde Wade, Linda Wright,

Anthony Day, Lisa Lucas, Jodie Lucas, Peter Pool, Debbie Pool.


Gregory Ward, Michelle Venner, Tracey Nielsen, Scott Gilvear, Jo-Anne Martin, Helen Martin, Genevieve Lucas, Aaron Odgers.


Ross Stark, Michelle Stark, Narelle Stark, Wayne O'Connor, Robert Martin, Paul Rojahn, Juanita Balderson, Michelle Williams,

Leanne Taylor, David Taylor, Andrea Mathews, Michael Boyd, Graham Boyd.


Robin Jenner, Wendy Jenner, Lisa Mawhinney, Melanie Alien, Kathy Martin, Russell Ward, Simone Odgers, Mark Suhr, David

Hillcoat, Katrina Hillcoat.


Paula Stark, Rodney Frampton, Raymond Frampton, Kevin Frampton, Scott Frampton, Amanda Day, Leisa Alien, Jennifer Reeves,

Jeffrey Reeves, John Reeves, Connie McLean, Karen Hillcoat.


David Mawhinney, Brenda Day, Roderick Buchbach, Scott Hurwood, Joanne Bolderrow, Mureal Frampton, Christopher Martin, Tineale Vea Vea, Pauline Lamb, Michael Bolderrow.Ellen Bolderrow, Brett Dakin, Scott Dakin, Andrew Greatz, Bradley Shervey, Luke O'Sullivan, Kellie Graham, Cassandra Ashton, Jamie Irwin, Jason Summers.


Kerry Storer, Christopher Brown, Tracey Lamb, Leisa Summers, Sharon Ward, Allan Kruger, Jacinta Toohey, Kathleen Toohey, Bernard Toohey, Edward Eugster, Peta Bonney.


Mellissa Ivory, Renee Ivory, Dannette Ivory, Desmond (Joey) Ivory, Steven Heidenreich, Matthew Bonney, Kirn Nielsen, Kylie Alien, Wade McMahon, Adam Hurwood, Ashley Irwin, Sonya Austin, Michael Dingle, Mark Dingle, Richard Clarry, Amy Soames.


Stephanie Ross, Natalie Ross, Michael Patterson, George Salisbury, Eileen Salisbury, Kerstin Salisbury, Cassandra Salisbury, Kerri Heidenreich, Cameron Ernst, Leah Houghton, Rachel Kerr, Aeron Gooding, Keesha Gooding, Adam Dugdell, Christopher Dugdell.


Candace Vea Vea, Oliver Harrap, James Harrap, William Harrap, Christine McCracken, Shane Lamb, Dustin Dugdell, Anthony

Desreaux, Melissa Doyle, John Doyle, Kristel Hughes, Budd Hughes, Tanya Parry, Trevor Parry, Calvin Pearson.


Serena Lamb, Paul Venner, Sheree Sanewski, Shannon Sanewski, Anton Clothier, Andrew Nahrung, Helen Nahrung, Dianne Heslin, Raelene Bonney, Anthony Dixon, Garrie Ferguson.


Rose Batkin, Suzanne McCracken, Teena Alien, Jolene McBride, Cameron Pearson, Christopher Gibson, Jeffrey (John) Carlson, Mary Ellen Davis.


Jenna Russell, Scott Brown, Kareena Brown, Daniel Williams, Luke Williams, Louise Barton, Natasha Dugdell, Paul Wood, Kristian

Wood, Timothy Wood, Benjamin Davis, Elias McBride, Rachel Gilmore, Toni Collins, Jeanette Reinbott.