Antechamber Bay Kangaroo Island SA Memorial Inscriptions

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American River
BUICK Alexander Hunter, d: 29 May 1860
BUICK Alfred, d: 7 Aug 1867
BUICK Elizabeth Hunter d: 13 Nov 1861
BUICK  Florence, d: 7 Oct 1866

Antechamber Bay
CLARK, Thomas, d: 19 May 1892
THOMAS, Nathaniel Walles, d: 16 Nov 1879
THOMAS, Sophia (little sal), d: 5 Nov 1880

Cygnet River

Duck Lagoon

Emu Bay Historic Cemetery.
WHITTLE, Albert Thomas, d: 25 Jan 1927
WHITTLE, Harold James, d: 24 Jul 1908
WHITTLE, Sydney Albert d: 18 Feb 1907
WHITTLE, Ursula May d: 26 May 1907

Middle River
SNELLING, Elizabeth d: 12 Apr 1866
SNELLING, (female baby) 1866
SNELLING, Helen 4 Jul 1866
SNELLING, Henry 30Jun 1866

Penneshaw East
BRISTOW George William

BRAGGS (female)
BUICK  (male)
CHENOWETH. Adelaide Ann, d: 18 May 1880
CHENOWETH. Louisa Ethel, d: 30 Mar 1880
JOHMSTON, Francis (frank) James, 27 Feb 1864
SIMPSON (female)

Snug Cove

Stokes Bay

West Bay
PRINGLE, Robert, d: 16 Jun 1885

Isolated Graves on Kangaroo Island

Jane Lashmar 1847-1866
Thomas Clark 1894
Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA

Jane Lashmar 1847-1866
Thomas Clark 1894
Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA

Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA

Address: Lachmar Conservation Park, Antechamber Bay, Kangaroo Island, SA
Opened: approx. 1866
# graves: 2

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ozburials - Kingscote pioneer burials
Susan Marsden, A short history of Kangaroo Island

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Latitude -35.78255844645827, Longitude 138.0657481295155
Latitude -35° 46’ 57", Longitude 138° 3’ 57"

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