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Bethel Lutheran Cemetery, Logan Reserve (Logan City)

Address: Corner School Rd and Logan Reserve Road, Logan Reserve, Logan City. (Near Beaudesert and Gold Coast boundaries)
Opened: approx. 1903 (church 1864?)
# graves: 100 (photos)

Logan Reserve Bethel Lutheran Cemetery corner of Logan Reserve and School Roads, Logan Reserve

Logan Reserve is the oldest settled area on the Logan River and was originally taken up by Irish immigrants in the 1860s. Gradually German migrants moved into the area and they travelled to Bethania to church. Children attended the Logan Reserve School that was also on this site at that time. A request was made to the department of Public Instruction in 1896 to allow a German School to be run in the building on Saturdays and to use the school for church on Sundays. It would seem that the request for the Saturday School was denied, as the teacher from the parish school at Bethania was sent to Logan Reserve School once a week. The following year the German community built a church known as the Bethel Church. The cemetery evolved alongside the church. The earliest marked burial on the site is that of Adolf Wendt in 1903, but it is likely that there are earlier unmarked graves.

The tornado of February 1936 destroyed the church, but locals soon rebuilt it and it remained on the site until 1972, when it was demolished. Meanwhile the school remained on Portion 46 adjacent to the cemetery, until 1914 when it was moved to it current site on the opposite corner. This cemetery is still used by the Lutheran Community and it is managed by the Bethania Church.
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Photographed: 5 Jun 2005

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