Brisbane North Quay Herschel Memorial Inscriptions

Brisbane North Quay (between Herschel St and Tank St) name index

Address: on the bank of the river on North Quay. between Herschel ST and Tank St
Opened: 1825
Closed: Moved to Paddington 1844
# graves: 3

This is an earlier set of grave site than Skew St 500m west (upstream). It was used for children because the general cemetery was not suitable.)
Bodies were exhumed and transferred to Brisbane General Cemetery, Toowong in 1881
North Quay Burial Ground
McCauley Peter McCauley son of Peter McCauley, died 5th Jan 1832 aged 5 years 8 months
Pittard Jane Pittard daughter of John Pittard died 29 Jan 1833 aged 12 months 13 days
Roberts William Roberts son of Charles Roberts, died 15 Nov 1831 aged 5 years 2 months
Wooden fenced grave without tombstone
ref: GSQ QLD 820 000

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CEMETERY AT NORTHERN APPROACH TO WILLIAM JOLLY BRIDGE : Letter of protest against land between Eagle Terrace and Union Street being used for drainage purposes. Mentions land having been used for cemetery purposes in the past.
THE OLD BURIAL GROUND. (1913, October 7). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 4. Retrieved February 11, 2012, from

Photographed: Plaque and re-interred headstones May 2013

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