Cedar creek cemetery
Welcome to the very small but quaint Cedar creek cemetery. Upon discovering this cemetery, I was quite disappointed at the size for upon the map its size should have been 5 times or more than the actuall size it is today. Maybe like many cemeteries around Brisbane, headstones and graves may have been moved. It is quite unbelievable how many graves have been moved and relocated in Brisbanes History. From convicts to very early settlers. One must wonder about the old saying 'rest in peace' how can one rest in peace when development and times comes in and destroys all meaning of this. Over time, many that have been removed and been lost and forgotton. Then on top of that, often the written material that accompanies the persons death has been lost through time also. We have cememteries so that we can remember those that have been before us and to visit those whose memories have died along with them now. It is saddeneding, but alas not alot can be done, man has disturbed our history for us in many ways, and we will not even know that which was and now gone and lost forever, not even a memory......
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Cedar Creek, one click can fit the whole cemetery in.
a second photo from this cemetery
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