Dayboro Cemetery Pine Rivers Memorial Inscriptions

Dayboro Cemetery Pine Rivers Shire

Address: Laceys Creek Road, Dayboro, Pine Rivers Shire. (UBD 65 P-14)
Opened: 5 Sep 1903 (gazetted), 8 Feb 1904 (first burial)
# graves: appox 600-700
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Pine Ricers Shire Council - Cemeteries
A brief history of the Samford Valley
Dayboro was previously known as Terrors Creek and Upper North Pine.
There was another cemetery gazetted (1 Jun 1901) at Upper North Pine, near Whiteside, but there have been no burials. (closed 1908)
See also "In loving Memory of: the History of burials in the Pine Rivers Shire", Melva A Welch, Pine Rivers Shire Council. This excellent book contains burial registers, trustee lists as well as history.

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