Donating photo collections

We will accept photos
The transcription text needs to include
There are two methods of  including the transcriptions.
  1. Inside the JPEG/JPG file itself.
  2. edjpgcom is the program we use. Find it at
    or under linux  using wrjpgcom
    If edjpgcom link above is broken, try this cached copy.
    If you have another program that does annotation and you intend using this, please send us a sample of the annotated JPG file. (Some programs store the annotation in a database separate from the file, and we can't use that database. We don't want you to waste a lot of effort.)
  3. In a separate caption file for each photo.
  4. e.g. if your files are names IMG_05003.JPG then the caption is to be saved in a file named IMG_05003.JPG.cap
In another file called background.txt we would like
When photographing the cemetery, we like to have identifying photos. For larger cemeteries, we like to have a photo of a section and of each row. If the cemetery has an associated church, we would like that photographed too. For towns we  also would like photos of all the churches (including abandoned churches).

We also need your permission to publish the photos. You must have the copyright to the photos to provide this. You must also give permission for us to modify the photos for publication, for example to create thumbnail versions of the photos. You should also be aware of  our
fair use statement and be aware that other people may copy your photos. We suggest you include a copyright statement on your photos, and method 1 ensures it stays with the photo.

While we can receive these files of a cemetery via email,  a CD posted to us may be a better solution.

Contact us for more information, a phone number and for a postal address.
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