Greenough Pioneer WA Memorial Inscriptions

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Greenough Pioneer, WA

Address: Old Brand Highway, Greenough, WA
Opened: 1853 (1860?) - 1981
# graves: 200

(From the information sign) Whilst Nhanhagardi/Wilunyu people have been buried in this region for thousands of years, there are no known permanent markers to locate their burial sites.
The first recorded European burial at Greenough took place in April 1857. It is likely that 5-month old Elizabeth Lintott was buried near her parent's home. It was not until 1860 that a cemetery was proclaimed as a public burial site on the Greenough Flats.
The Greenough Cemetery cpnsisted of four cemeteries reserved for the separate use of Anglicans, Wesylans, Congregationalists (not used) and Roman Catholics. There were also smaller public cemeteries at Old Walkaway and Bootenal.
The last person to be buried in this cemetery was Bernard Clinch, in September 1974.
Although the Greenough Cemetery was closed for burials on 30th Jan 1981, Edith Clinch's ashes were placed in the grave of her husband, Bernard, in 1989.
The following list of names are of those whom are known to be interred at the Greenough Cemetery. Please note that the number following each name refers to the Grave Location as per map provided. It is not an indication of age at time of death.
Sign design and graphics by Dan and Christy Gentle. Historical research by Gary Martin.

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