Gympie Pioneer cemetery (Andrew Fisher Memorial Park, Tozer Park Cemetery)

Address: Tozer Park Rd, GympieTozer Park Rd, Gympie
Opened: 1869, closed 1885
# graves: 1 (remaining), 63 headstones relocated to present cemetery, 1722 interments.

From Gympie region web site
On December 1, 1869 Mr John Priddy was appointed as Gympie’s first sexton, having won the position from forty applicants. The burial ground was situated in Tozer Park Road at this time. A burial register was also started then, although some burials had already taken place. The first burial recorded by the new sexton was that of a child, two month old William Henry Cronin, buried on December 5, 1869. The Tozer Park Burial ground was formally closed in November 1886. (Source: Gympie Cemetery Trust) In some older records, this cemetery is called the Gympie General Cemetery. Over 63 historical headstones (no burials) from the Pioneer Cemetery were relocated to a special area at the Gympie Cemetery. It is unknown what became of the remaining 1000+ markers, although some may have been used as fill on the site. One headstone remains – that of Annie Everett, with a plaque on it.

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Photographed: Sep 2015

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