Ingoldsby Lutheran Memorial Inscriptions

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Ingoldsby Lutheran (Church) cemetery, Lockyer Valley Region formerly Gatton Shire

Address: On Ingoldsby Road, on Western side of road, just north of Goulds Road, Ingoldsby.
Opened: approx. 1900
# graves: 40 (photos)

There is no longer a church building on the site.

Ingoldsby was previously known by the German name 'Hessenburg'.

[from "The early history of Ingoldsby / Graham Giles (1972)]
First settlement of the Ingoldsby district was in late 1870s/1880s. Predominantly German, also English, Welsh and Irish.
Originally known as Mudering Gully, from 1840s where as a reprisal against aborigines, shepherds left a poisoned bag of flour for the tribe, and many died.
Also known as Wonga Creek, and name changed to Hessenburg around 1894- 1897. Name changed again to Ingoldsby in 1917.

Ingoldsby Lutheran was built before 1894. In 1972 the building was removed to Ipswich for use of the church there. Other religions included Roman Catholic and Church of England. Later Apostolics appeared and attended church in Ropeley.
Ingoldsby state opened in Jun 1894 (delayed because of floods). Originall Hessenburg Provisional School, and renamed Ingoldsby State School June 1917.

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Photographed: 16 Apr 2006

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