Jimbour Station Wambo Memorial Inscriptions

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Jimbour Station, Jimbour, Wambo shire

Address: 1 east of Jimbour
Opened: approx. 1881
# graves:

More information about
Jimbour station (winery and historical station)
Jimbour - historic pasture
Outback tourism - Jimbour station
Jerry Jerome - stockman and boxer
Qld govt - wineries - Jimbour station
Qld holidays - Jimbour
windmill at Jimbour station and Southern Cross windmills
Jimbour Station homestead and gardens.
Dalby Wambo Region
Henry Dennis - An Adaptable Irishman
dry stone wall at Jimbour was most likely constructed in the 1870s as a barrier fence
Sir Joshua Bell

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