d: May 1848
wife of Gottlieb and their infant who died Aug 1848. Both were interred in this cemetery.

The CHRISTIAN pioneers who left Schnatow village Prussia in search of religious freedom, arrived on the
Solway on Oct 16 1837. They included Gottlieb,
29 years, Karoline 21 years and Gottlieb's sister
Wilhelmine CHRISTIAN 24 years.
Friedrich and Maria KLEEMANN and family were also on board
Mrs KLEEMANN died 2 days before arrival and is
thought to be buried in this cemetery. Wilhelmine
cared for the KLEEMANN children and in 1838 married Friedrich. They raised a further 9 children.
Gottlieb and Karoline had 6 children: Johann Gottlieb, Edmund Godlich, twins John and Ferdinand, Maria Margarethe and the infant.
Life on Kangaroo Island was very difficult in 1841.
After the S.A. compant closed its operations, only 71 people remained here.
By 1849 Karoline and the infant aged 8-10 months had died of starvation. Gottlieb and the children were in poor health.
In december 1849, Gottlieb and his children transferred to Adelaide and were supported by the
destitute asylum, New families were found for the twins and Gottlieb and his remaining children were
cared for by the KLEEMANNs at Jacob's Creek in the Barossa valley, Gottlieb leived for many years at Krondorf, purchasing land at Tanunda and later at
Magdala near Wasleys. He died on Sep 21 1888 and was buried at Magdala cemetery.
This plaque provided by the K.I. pioneers association, and funded by the CHRISTIAN descendants was unveiled during the 175th anniversary celebrations on Jul 27 2001 by great great grandchildren of Karoline and Gottlieb.

Kingscote historic cemetery - Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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