arie HELM married Friedrich KLEEMANN in 1826. They lived in the village of Raddack Pommern, Prussia.

Unable to accept changes within the lutheran church in Prussia, they were amongst several families who decided to emigrate in order to preserve their old lutheran faith.
The KLEEMANNs, with their five children aged between 3 mo and 8 years left Hamburg on 3 Jun 1837, Their youngest child died during the voyage.
Mrs Kleemann died on 14 Oct 1837 two days prior to arriving at Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island

Kingscote historic cemetery - Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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Latitude -35.64494408291707, Longitude 137.6390855024721
Latitude -35° 38’ 42", Longitude 137° 38’ 21"

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