affectionatele known as "governor"/
The first farmer in South Australia
He was a aresident of Kangaroo Island from 1819 to 1856
departed this life at Adelaide May 2nd 1856 and brought to K/I/ for burial
aged 62 years.

Governor Henry WALLEN
Wallen arrived on Kangaroo Island circa 1819 as a free settler.
He established a farm at "Three Wells", Cygnet River and has
been described as South australia's first farmer. He is said to
have been a quiet, industrious, well behaved man.
He was a successful hunter, familiar with the biblr and kind to his aboriginal wives and son, henry jnr.

When the first official settlers arrived in 1836,
Wallen introduced himself as "the governor". He was helpful
to the colonists in many ways but was unfairly dispossessed of
his farm and stock when the SA company took it over for their
office. Wallen moved to Hog Bay and returned to hunting, while Henry Jnr was sent to Hobart Town to receive and education.

Henry jnr becanme known as Whalley and joined whaling ships
He was a pall-bearer at the funeral of William LANNEY,
the last full-blood male Tasmanian aboriginal in march 1869.
Whalley the chief harpooner in a whaling expedition
died following the wreck of the Bencleugh at Macquarie Island in Aug 1877

Governor WALLEN lived out his life on Kangaroo Island until
poor health required him to go to Adelaide for medical
treatment, He died at the Gresham Hotel, King William Street
in April 1856 at 62 years of age. His body was brought back to Kangaroo Island on the cutter Breeze and interred in this cemetery.

Kingscote historic cemetery - Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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