Indexes and Photos of Cemeteries in S-E Qld and Northern NSW


Kalbar Salvation Army Cemetery

This cemetery can be found in George Street, Kalbar in the grounds of the Kalbar Salvation Army Church.  We photographed this cemetery in May 2007 and the transcription represents all visible and legible headstones at that time.  To see the photo of a headstone simply click on the surname of interest.   (ktish64@gmail.com)

Kalbar Salvation Army

Surname Given Name Birth Date Birthplace Death Date Deathplace Age Inscription
Anderson George     25 Apr 1900   4mths  
Anderson Hullda     18 Apr 1901   2mths  
Brown Agnes     17 May 1894   3yrs 10mths  
Howell Vinia     9 Apr 1896   1yr 9mths  
Kubler George P     13 Sep 1898   32yrs  
Niebling John     1 Sep 1897   2yrs 6mths  
Simpkins Alfred     30 May 1890   17days  
Wood Albert     13 Apr 1896   3mths  











  2007 Karyn Findlay & Stephen Batterham