This burial site is of the Wangku-Murra trial people The Wangku-Murra area extended west to Coopers Creek, south to Maryilco and north to Bundeena and to the east as far as the Wilson River. The custom of burying the deceased facing north, as seen in the two headstones, these belong to a long descent of Aboriginal descendents and European union. The first burial is unknown but the last burial was in 1950 of a young Aboriginal named Ossie Rowland of Nockatunga. Many others are descendants of "Chookoo" who died near Ritchie's well. Many were removed to coastal reserves. Those buried here are listed below:  Billy UBALLIE  - Poonkilla Bandicoot  Wangumit Tree  Doondilly Willichullie  Noolpie Conbar  Kitty Wat Ta  and Tootie Tootabulla  Charlie Onlaree  Lizzie Yeeorgah child Minnie  Lively Moonga  This plaque and protection has been made possible by the National Heritage Estate and the department of Community Services Archaeology branch of Queensland 8-7-86 warden H.McKELLAR  Noccundra Cemetery, SW QLD Copyright: Thom Blake

Jane RICHARDS (wife of W.H. RICHARDS) d: 12 Jan 1920 aged 56  Daughter Elsie ? d: 15 Jul 1915 aged 22  Son private George McCARTHY died of wounds in France d: 29 Jul 1918, aged 30  Noccundra Cemetery, SW QLD Copyright: Thom Blake

Noccundra Cemetery, SW QLD Copyright: Thom Blake

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