Descendants of William Darben


This page lists the descendants of William Darben who are buried in Nundah Cemetery.

by Denise Roberts (Nee Butterworth)

William Darben. Born 24/12/1878 died 9/3/1963 (age 84 years) Sexton of Nundah Cemetery, husband of Christina.

Christina Crease Darben. Born 1880 died 5/9/1942 (age 62 years) wife of William.

Doris Helen Williams. Born 16/5/1903 died 2/11/1986, daughter of William and Christina Darben.

Cecil Robert Williams. Born 23/8/1906. Died 3/9/1996, husband of Doris.

Donald Swan. Born 1922 died 12/2/1946 (age 24 years), son of Doris Helen Williams.

Lorraine Cooper. Died 3months of age. Grand-daughter of Doris Williams.

Minnie Butterworth. Born 1889 died 15/2/1966 (age 77 years) wife of John.

John Frederick Butterworth. Born 1887, died 6/9/1966 (age 79 years) husband of Minnie.