New Columbarium Rosalie Brisbane

David I thought I would let you know that the children of a cousin of mine have had the cremated remains of their parents placed at the new Columbarium at the Sacred Heart Church Cnr abt 369 Given Terrace and Fernburg Road Rosalie. Due to the lack of my driving these days I have not been there but from google map it looks like a large area for placements in the brick walls, I am not sure if there are any other remains there as I feel there may be one other looking at the entries below and that you may wish to include them on your site should you wish to after a site visit. I guess there are many churches doing this as I also know that the Catholic Church at Jindalee also has a columbarium.

The details below are from the Nudgee crematorium records I will give you some other details further below for your records.

Regards Colin Larter

Register Number Facility Surname First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Service Location
I0000000001 Jubilee Catholic Parish Wiltshire Kevin

30/01/2013 EAST SIDE NEAR ENTRY-003

I0000000002 Jubilee Catholic Parish Wiltshire Rita Ellen

20/03/2012 EAST SIDE NEAR ENTRY-002

Rita Ellen Wiltshire (nee Evans) Birth 19 February 1930 Brisbane, Death 14 May 2005 Brisbane, Funeral 19 May 2005, Columbarium service 20 March 2012

Kevin Birth 4 February 1928 Brisbane, Death 17 January 2013 Brisbane, Funeral service 22 January 2013, Columbarium service 30 January 2013