Rosevale Church of Christ

Address: Rosewood-Aratula Road, Rosevale, Boonah Shire. (east and south of Rosevale)
Opened: approx. 1896
# graves: 77

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1904 Post Office Directory - Rosedale. Rosevale. Mount Morinish. Mount Perry. Mount Pleasant. Mount Rainbow. Mount Romeo Mount Shamrock. Mountside. Mount Stanley. Mount Sturt. - Gough family - LAWRENCE family - Rosevale state school - Fassifern Guardian (Boonah) - From Hohenselchow to Queensland - Jubilee Pictorial History of Churches of Christ in Australasia (1903) -

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Place Type Parish
Local Authority Boonah Shire
Status Approved & Current
Plan Number
Narrative Derived from pastoral run name, used by William? Ross ( - ) pastoralist originally Rossvale, corrupted to Rosevale between 1850s and 1860s.
Alternative Name
Previous Name
Latitude: 27 52' S
Longitude: 152 26' E
Datum: GDA94
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Place Type Locality Bounded
Local Authority Boonah Shire
Status Approved & Current
Date: 25-Aug-2000
Page: 1423
Plan Number QPN751
Narrative Derived from a pastoral run name used first in 1850s, by William? Ross ( - ) pastoralist, as Rossvale. Named and bounded by the Minister for Natural Resources 25th August 2000.
Alternative Name
Previous Name
Latitude: 27 51' 33" S
Longitude: 152 29' 29" E
Datum: GDA94

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Photographed: 5 Mar 2006

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Latitude -27.87089201241836, Longitude 152.4900461306326
Latitude -27° 52’ 15", Longitude 152° 29’ 24"

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