In ... Remembrance of James Hall who died on 20th January 1873 aged 79 years.
Also Mary Williamson his wife who died on on 21st January 1873 aged 66 years.
Also Jessie Hall their daughter, wife of William Little who died 5th February 1874 aged 43 years.
Also Thomas their son who died at Keenan City North America 3rd November 1874 aged 39 years.
Also William M Hall their grandson who died 3 May 1889 aged 5 months.
Also James Hall their son who died 11 June 1895 aged 46 years.
Also Catherine Meikle wife of above James Hall who died 11 Jan 1915 aged 65 years,
And their daughters Mary who died 22 Jan 1963 and Kate who died 18th March 1967.
They were united together for 43 years of their lives, loving helpmates to each other and blessings to their children and in death they were not divided.

Old Kirk, Selkirk, Scotland

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Latitude 55.54605901294723, Longitude -2.84149645238208
Latitude 55° 32’ 46", Longitude -2° 50’ 29"

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