Walkaway, WA

Address: Brand Highway, Walkaway
Opened: 1862, (surveyed) 20 Jun 1867
Closed 30 Jan 1981 (last burial 4 Feb 1993)
# graves: 28
Photographed sign Sep 2009

From sign erected by Shire of Greenough

Walkaway Cemetery

This part of Greenough was originally known as "Wagawa" referring to the nearby break in the hills, where the Greenough River flows from the Back to the Front Flats. With the coming of European settlers in the early 1850's, the name was anglicized to Walkaway.

William Phelps surveyed this site on 20 June 1867. He marked out four cemeteries reserved for the use of Anglicans, Wesleyans, Congregationalists and Roman Catholics, along with land allocated for a Roman Catholic Chuch, Presbytery and Glebe. In his notes, Phelps recorded that burials had already taken place in the Roman Catholic section. Although the Roman Catholic church never took ownership of the land allocated to them, their cemetery was the only site ever used for the designated purpose.

At least 33 people (nearly half being infants) were buried here, many in unmarked graves.

One unmarked grave possibly holds the remains of 16 year old Charles Maher, who drowned on 7 Mar 1915 whilst swimming in the Greenough River near the Railway Bridge.

When John Walsh was accidentally killed in 1890 by an explosion of dynamite, whilst working on the Midland Railway south of here, his workmates collected funds to provide a suitable memorial.

Many of those interred in this cemetery were related to the Desmond family. Initially farmers at South Greenough, the Desmond family later took up land on the Back Flats.

The Walkwaway Cemetery was closed for burials on 30 January 1981. The last person to be interred here was Aileen Maud Desmond, who died 4 Febuary 1993. She had been granted special permission by the Governor to be buried next to her husband.

The Roman Catholic cemetery was vested with the Shire of Greenough in November 1995 for the purpose of "Historical Cemetery Precinct".

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Photographed: Sep 2009

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