Family History

This is the family tree of David Horton and Kerry Raymond. Our main family tree covers mostly from when our ancestors immigrated to Australia. The other groupings below are where these first families came from. Some of the areas in Australia they first settled are early Sydney and Penrith in New South Wales, and in Queensland in Brisbane, Nundah (German Station), Maryborough, Rockhampton, Charters Towers. Some were settlers, some convicts, some left poverty as farmers, straw plaiters and lacemakers to own their own land and become local political identities. (One day we'll write their stories.)

Our Main Family Tree

Our Albury Family in Bedfordshire, England

Our Gale Family in Wiltshire and Somerset, England

Our Harrower Family in Stirlingshire, Scotland

Our Horton Family in Worcestershire, England (and on rootsweb)

Our Sanders Family in Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Our Hall Family in Selkirkshire, Scotland

Some photos of our ancestors, homes and memorials.

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Here is some other family history information that we have collected including our Wilshamstead book index.

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