Goondiwindi (QLD) to Bourke (NSW), Sun 11 Nov 2007

St George can't provide morning tea. (On a previous trip through St George, the only place in town that one could get a breakfast on a Sunday morning was the motel. Same seems to apply to morning tea on a Sunday). Still it is quite pretty beside the river, which was quite full.

There were purple, and later yellow wildflowers along side of road. Quite a lot of water lying too. Some towns have large levee banks around them. Also some big above ground dams?

We started to see emus beside the road in the open fields. Usually they run off at a good speed.

Hebel friendly town of very old rickety wooden buildings (1897). The holes in the roof are painted holes. Out here many of the trucks are road trains with doubles being most common. Later we will see much longer ones.

Lightning Ridge quite a big place. Caravan park looks like shanty town. Many caravans and tents around the countryside, many with holes and little piles of dirt. Many cement mixer barrels around these too.

Drove into Walgett, most buildings boarded up or large metal fences & gates. We left rapidly for Bourke. Next town Brewarrina which was much the same, again we left. Arrived Bourke - motel is historic, but they have security gates that are locked at sunset.

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