Quilpie to Thargominda

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 go via Nockundra 387 4h 16m Thargomindah
- lambs and pheasants in school yard
Nockatunga pub, very iconic stop for coffee.
Thargomindah Artesian power plant (check when they turn it on each afternoon);
Bulloo River may/may not still be in flood, birdlife.
Noccundra the town (where the pub is) was gazetted as a town around start of 2018, previously it was just on the Nockatunga station who owned everything. The pub managers (mum and 2 daughters) have run it for 7 years, but have had freehold for 18mo.

Brolgas on highway (as well as cattle)
Noccundra cemetery
Thargominda war memorial
Thargominda historic cemetery and location current cemetery
Thargominda bore
Thargominda airport with Royal Flying Doctor Service plane parked
Thargominda hydro power plant

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