ATM acronyms

AA Administrative Authority
AAL ATM adaptation layer
AAL1 connection oriented at constant bit rate (e.g. DS1 DS3)
AAL2 connection oriented at variable bit rate (e.g. some video)
AAL3/4 CO or CL at variable bit rate 
AAL5 CO or CL at variable bit rate (lean: no error recovery)
ABR Available Bit rate
ACF a DQDB header field
ACR Allowed cell rate
ACR Average cell rate
ACSE Association Control Service Element
ADSL Asymetrical Digital Subscriber Loop
ADTF Allowed cell rate Decrease Time Factor
AESA ATM End Station Address
AFI Authority and Format Identifier
AINI ATM Inter-Network Interface
AIS Alarm Indication Signal
AMA Automatic message accounting
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APC Adjacent Point Code
API application programmers' interface
ARP address resolution protocol
AS Autonomous System
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASP ATM Service Provider
AT Abatement-congestion threshold
ATM Adobe Type Manager
ATM Asynchronous Transfer mode
ATM Automatic Teller Machine
ATMARP Address registration protocol over ATM
AToMIS ATM Oriented Multimedia Information System (NEC's product name)
AToMMIB ATM SONET MIB. (o from Sonet) (AToM meaning small)
ATOMVIEW NEC name for NMS (both product and prototype)
BAF Bellcore AMA format
BALUN Balanced to Unbalanced impedance matching unit
BCN broadcast channel number
BER Bit error ratio
BGAK Begin acknowledge (PDU)
BGN Begin (PDU)
BHLI Broadband Higher Layer Information
BGREJ Begin rejected (PDU)
B-ICI Broadband Inter(-exchange) Carrier Interface
B-ISSI Broadband inter-switching system interface
B-ISUP Broadband ISDN User Part
BIP Byte Interleaved Parity (BIP-8  BIP-24)
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BLLI Broadband Low Layer information
BMUX Basic rate Multiplexor
BNA Broadband network administrator
BOM Beginning of message
BOMS Beginning of message segment
BPN broadcast packet network
BPV Bipolar violations
BRDP BPN reliable datagram protocol
BSS Broadband switching system
BT Burst tolerance
BTC broadcast translation circuit
BTAG Beginning TAG
BVPN broadband virtual private network
CAC Call access control
CAC Connection admission control
CBO Continuous bit-stream-oriented
CBR Constant bit rate
CCITT International Consultative Committee for Telephone and Telegraph
CDF Cutoff decrease factor
CDV Cell delay variation
CDVT Cell delay variation tolerance
CE Connection end-point
CEI Connection end-point identifier
CER Cell error ratio
CES Circuit emulation service
CFA carrier failure alarm
CgPN Calling party number
CIR Committed Information rate
CIC Carrier identification code
CIP Carrier identification parameter
CLEI Common language equipment identifier
CLNP Connection-less network protocol
CLP Cell Loss Priority
CLR Cell loss ratio
CM Configuration Management
CMAP connection management access protocol
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol
CMIS Common Management Information Service
CMISE Common Management Information Service Element
CMMO connection management managed object
CMNP connection management network protocol
CMR Cell mis-insertion rate
CN copy network
CNM (ATM) Customer Network Management
CNR Complex Node Representation
COM Continuation of message
COMS Continuation of message segment
CP Common Part
CP control processor
CPCS Common Part convergence sub-layer
CPCS-CI Common Part convergence sub-layer congestion indicator
CPE Customer premises equipment
CPN Customer premises network
CR Conditional requirement
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRM Cell rate margin
CRS Cell relay service
CS Convergence sublayer
CTD Cell transfer delay
DBMS Database management system
DCC Data Country code
DFI Domain specific part Format Identifier
DPC Destination point code
DQDB Distributed queue dual bus
DS1 T1 interface 1.544 Mbps
DS3 (Digital Signal 3) T3 interface 44.736Mbps
DSP Domain specific part
DSU Data Service UNIT
DTL Designated transit list
DXI Data exchange interface
E1 E2 E3 E4 G703I/f E1@2.048Mbps E2@8.448Mbps E3@34.368Mbps  E4 139Mbps
EFD Event Forwarding Discriminator
EGP Exterior Gateway protocol
EL Element Layer
EML Element management layer
ES End system (e.g. a host)
ESI End System Identifier
ETD Enforcement traffic descriptor
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
FAN fanout field
FDDI fibre distributed data interface
FDM Frequency division multiplexing
FEC forward error correction
FIFO first-in first-out
FM Fault Management
FR Frame relay
FRS Frame relay service
FSM Finite state machine
FTAM File transfer access and management
GFC Generic flow control
GFR Guaranteed Frame Rate (ATM Forum - UBR with minimum bandwidth guarantee)
GFR Giant F***ing Router
GCAC Generic connection admission control
GCRA Generic cell rate algorithm
GUI Graphical User interface
HEC header error control
HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface
HPSN High performance scalable networking
IAB Internet activities board
ICD International Code Designator
IDI Initial domain identifier
IDP Initial domain part
IDU Interface data unit
ID Identifier
IE Information element
IETF Internet engineering task force?
EFCI Explicit forward cingestion indication
ERM Explicit rate marking
IG Information group
IGP Internal Gateway Protocol
IMS Interface message specification (NEC)
ILMI Interim Local Management Interface
INA Bellcore information network architecture
INI Internode interface (replacement for NNI node-node and node to network i/f)
IP Internet protocol
IPL Initial Program load
IS Intermediate system (e.g. a router (which isn't end point of IP connection))
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International organisation for standardisation
ITU International Telecommunications Union
LAN Local area network
LATA Local Access and Transport Area
LCD Loss of Cell Delineation
LCV line code violation
LE LAN Emulation
LEC LE Client
LEH LE Headrer
LES LE Server
LES Line error seconds
LGN Logical Group Node
LIS Logically independent IP subnet
LLC Logical link control
LM Layer management
LOF Loss of Frame
LOP Loss Of Pointer
LOS Loss of Signal
LUNI LAN Emulation user to network interface
M1 ATM Forum managment I/Fs User - Public
M2 ATM Forum managment I/Fs Private ATM network mgmt
M3 ATM Forum managment I/Fs Customer network management of Public ATM svc
M4 ATM Forum managment I/Fs Public ATM network mgmt
M5 ATM Forum managment I/Fs  Public-Public network mgmt
MAC Media access control
MARS Multicast address resolution server
MC machine congestion (level)
MaxCR Maximum Cell Rate
MCLR Maximum cell loss ration
MCR Minumum cell rate
MCTD Mean cell transfer delay
MCDV Mean cell delay variation
MIB Management information base
MIOX25 Multiprotocol Interconnect over X.25 and ISDN (RFC1356)
MLA Multi-letter acronym
MOSPF Multicast open shortest path first
MPOA ATM Forum Multiprotocol over ATM
MS Manhattan Street
MTBF Mean time between failure
MTTR Mean time to repair
MTP3 Message Transfer Part level 3
NARP NBMA Address registration protocol
NBMA Non-Broadcast Multi-Access link layer
NCCI Network call correlation identifier
NCL Network communication link
NE Network Element
NEL Network Element Layer
NEML Network Element Management Layer
NHRP NMBA Next Hop Resolution Protocol
NHS Next Hop Server
NLPID Network Layer Protocol ID
NM (ATM) Network management
NM Node management
NML Network Management Layer
NMS Network management system
NNI network-network interface
NPC Network Parameter Control
NSAP Network (Layer) Service Access Point
OAM Operation and Maintenance cell
OC Optical Carrier
OC3 OC12 OC48 Sonet Optical signal at different speeds (OC3=155.52 OC12=622Mb/s) OCnn nn/19.29=>GBPS (OC-1 3 9 12 18 24 36 48)
OCD Out of Cell Delineation
OLIP Originating line information parameter
OPC Originating point code
OSI Open systems interconnect
OSPF Open Shortest Path First(
PCM Pulse code modulation
PCR Peak Cell Rate
PDH Plesiochronous? Digital Hierarchy
PDU Protocol data unit
PG Peer group
PGL Peer group leader
PHY Physical layer
PLCP Physical Layer Convergence Procedure
PM Performance Management
PMD physical medium dependent
PNNI Private network-network interface
PNNI Public NNI (not relevant to us)
PP packet processor protocol 
PP port processor
PRM Protocol Reference model
PSE packet switch element
PSTN public switched telephone network?
PT payload type
PTI Payload type identifier
PTSE PNNI Topology State element
PTSP PNNI Topology State packet
PVC Permanent virtual circuit
PVCC Permanent virtual channel connectio
PVPC Permanent virtual path connection
QoS Quality of Service
RAIG Resource availability information group
RCC Routing control channel
RD Routing Domain
RDI Remote Defect Identification
RMON Remote network monitoring
RN routing network
ROSE Remote operation service element
RPC remote procedure call
RSVP Resource ReSerVation Protocol
RTSE Reliable transfer service element
SAAL Signalling AAL
SAP Service access point
SAR segmentation and reassembly
SCR Sustainable Cell Rate
SDH Synchronous digital hierarchy
SDU Service data unit
SEAL Simple and efficient adaptation layer
SFUP switch fabric update protocol
SIR Sustained Information rate
SM Security management
SM Session management
SMF Systems management function
SMFA Systems management functional area
SMDS switched multi-megabit data service
SMI Structure of Management Information (RFC1442 also 1445 1448)
SMI switch module interface
SMP Simple management protocol (SNMPv2?)
SNPA SubNetwork point of Attachment
SNAP SubNetwork Attachment Point(see IEEE 802.1a)
SNARE Sub Network Address Resolution Entity
SNI Subscriber Network Interface
SNMP Simple network management protocol
SNPA Subnetwork Point of Attachment
SONET Synchronous optical network
SONETVT SONET Virtual Tributary
SPANS (Fore systems') simple protocol for ATM network signalling
SS Switching system
SS7 Signalling System Number 7
SSCOP Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function
SSCS Service Specific convergence sub-layer
SSMO switch side managed object
STM Synchronous transfer mode
STS-3c Synchronous Transport Signal 3c
SVC Switched virtual circuit
T3/DS-3 45 Mbps DS3 physical layer
TAXI Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface (100 M bps 4B/5B)
TC Transmission convergence
TCP/IP Transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
TDM Time division multiplexing
TLA Three letter acronym
TLV Type length value
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TP Termination Point
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
UDP User datagram protocol
ULIA Uplink information attribute
UME UNI Management entity
UNI User network interface
UPC Usage parameter control
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VC Virtual channel (NOT circuit)
VCC virtual channel connection
VCI (LATM MIB) Virtual circuit ID
VCI virtual channel identifier
VCL Virtual channel link
VCS Virtual channel switch
VF Variance factor
VLAN Virtual LANs (appear same on MAC layer segment?)
VP Virtual path (unidirectional logical association or bundle of VCs)
VPC Virtual path connection
VPI VP identifier
VPCI Virtual path connection identifier
VPL Virtual path link
VPN virtual private network
VPT Virtual path terminator
VS/VD Virtual source/virtual destination (as in segmented VS/VD & hop-by-hop VS/VD)
WATM Wide area ATM (subnet model)
XDR external data representation