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Coffee is prepared using a Saeco Magic Comfort.
Style Assessment(s) Times Last
Indian Monsoon Peaberry rich, good 1 Feb 08
Sexie Coffie Signature Blend rich, good 5 Oct 10
Merthi Mountain Smooth and pleasant, not as rich as above pair 1 May 08
Sexie Too Smooth and pleasant, not as rich as signature 2 Apr 10
Australian Capricorn Arabica Not as rich as some other blends. Slight bitterness, and an odd fruitiness. Not quite to my taste. 1 Jun 08
Kenya AA Lovely rich and smooth. 1 Jun 08
Blend 3 Lovely rich and smooth. 2 Jan 11
Mysore nuggets extra bold flavoursome, a slight bitterness not quite to my liking 1 Sep 08
Love Bite (Valentines special) flavoursome, a slight bitterness, medium 1 Feb 09
Columbia Huila Excelso EP flavoursome, a slight bitterness not quite to my liking 1 Feb 09
Australian Bundja flavoursome. milder than some probably in the more medium range 1 Jun 09
Frisky! flavoursome, good crema
1 Oct 09
Colombia Supremo rich dark with good crema. Slightly bitter. 1 Oct 09
Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB
Strong and slightly bitter. In the style of some Italian brands.
Jan 10
Bronzed Aussie
darker blend, rich flavour, slightly bitter. Good
Jan 11
Nicaraguan Bourbon
dark, slightly too bitter for me. good crema
Apr 10
lovely rich flavour with a slight bitterness. It is not too strong for me like some of the single source beans have been for me. This is lovely, while being different from the signature and too blends. good crema
Jul 10
Mojo rich, good 1 Oct 10