RSA Security

Hutchison (via ASG and Ericsson/ELAN)

Lead Up Software



Depart of Emergency Services

Telstra Mobile



Support for billing data collector for ethernet to building network.

CiTR (as a customer) - AccessPoint

Port of AccessPoint product to HP-UX 11.



Intelligent Network (1800, 1300, 13 number) number translation design utility for salesforce to perform off-line service definition.

Optus - Billing Data Collection

TransACT - VDSL/ATM/Telephony network monitoring

Telstra - Bill Reporting Bureau

RequestDSL - Network managenet

Astracon - Adapter building

HP Internet Data Center

Design for automated configuration of racks of computers, switches, routers and storage to partition into multiple customer sites.

HP Unified Messaging


Integration of location maps and other content to WAP enabled phones.

Carrier Access Corporation

Design for management system for new Multiprotocol ATM multiplexing device for customer premise

Astracon Private iWay

Research, requirements and designs for new carrier product to provision private IP networks over MPLS, VPN, ATM/FR infrastructure including service quality guarantees.

Astracon Adapters

Corba to CMIP mediator from Astracon Connection Manager object API to Newbridge private CMIP interface (for Telecom South Africa) Corba to SNMP mediators to Fore ATM switch and Cisco (ATM equiped) router. Definition of the FrameConnect product in association with Denver staff.


Analysis phase only for management system for fiber channel switches and directors.

NEC Research labs (Princeton, NJ) and Eulix corp.

Multi-protocol ATM access device (DeltaX). Requirements, architecture and design of API, user application, SNMP MIBs and agent and internal message APIs into device controler.

AToMate - ATM configuration product

Based on NEC ATM NMS and as a pre-cursor to Astracon Connection Manager, this product abstracted the ATM specific from the device specifics of particular manufacturers to provide a product.

NEC research lab (Kawasaki)

NEC ATM NMS and SNMP agents. Development of manager and control agents for research and product versions of Model 5 and 7 family of ATM switches (and later) router over 5 years of development.


Specification, design and implementation of an ATM Forum M3 interface compliant SNMP interface to Model network management system. The management system was a CMIP-based system supporting all the customers of a carrier (initially Sprint). The M3 interface provides an end-customer with a view of just their end-points via a standards based SNMP view giving 15-minute liveness of all tehir billing/performance data.

NEC transmission division

Analysis and evaluation of X/Open and Corba transaction and sub-transaction standards for application to a hierarchy on networks (Sonet).

NEC switching division (Japan)

Reuse repository (internal)

Perl CGI based information repository supporting intellectual property register, and general process and procedures. Identity and RCS used to preserve audit trail. Searchable interface via WML through WAP gateway.

Resource Discovery prototype (internal)

Mid-1990s prototype of site-wide search and document control.

Telstra - Fastpac Release 2

Telecom-HP NM tools

Work with a Telecom - Hewlett Packard consortium in the definition of tools for use in the telecommunications market.

CiTR MIBMaster - SNMP Manager and Agent toolkit product

Designer, developer, documenter of internally developed toolkit and product to take SNMP MIBs and produce an easier to use set of libraries, database schemas and user interfaces. Tools supported SNMP agent instrumentation (inclusion of code to support the custom features of the MIBs through callbacks).

OTC/Telstra - Fastpac release 1

MasPar super computer (Data Parallel Research Institute)

Initial setup of Data Parallel Research Initiative + MasPar training and support. University of Queensland acquired a MasPar supercomputer which I mentored.

SQL Star Net/Connect (for Unisys/ACUS)

Pre-CiTR with Digital Equipment Corp (DEC)

(Mostly VAX/VMS and PDP-11/RSX, but also some Unix, RT11, VAX/eln, RSTS)

Boyne Island smelters

DEC pre-sales support

POWERPAC (a NZ consortia of the regional equivalents of SEQEB)

Qld TAB Betting system

BHP Project jindalee (over the horizon radar)

Pioneer seeds

DEC Health care systems



NSW TAFE (with DEC AI centre)

Australian Antarctic devision

DEC Office automation pre-sales support

GMH Fishermens Bend plant


Australian Society of Accountants


Other programming

Latrobe Uni

Monash Uni

Comalco smelter

Uni of Qld


Other work

La Trobe University (Chemistry)

Technician supporting department's nuclear magntic resonance spectrometers (NMR) (magnetic) mass spectrometer with attached gas chromatographic inlet. Included routine maintenance of liquid helium, nitrogen supplies, hard disk maintenance, software support.

University of Queensland (Chemistry)

Research and development of electrodeposited thin-film solar cells. Included development of electrodeposition, heat curing and metal film evaporative deposition techniques. Development of analysis techniques for thin films including x-ray, neutron activation, and many optical techniciques.

University of Quensland (Physics)

Research into ionospheric layers via development of doppler radar using kilometer long radio antenna arrays.