Coober Pedy, William Creek, Oodnadatta, Mon 19 Nov 2007

10 hours in 4wd bus built in WA (an OKA). (Perkins diesel, Hummer gearbox).

A wind generator was installed at Coober Pedy, however the red dust getting into the workings make it unmaintainable.

Just outside Coober Pedy we cross the dingo fence. Longest fence in the world, though the rabbit fence also claimed that. Inspected and repaired by a local frequently (fortnightly?) for his 200km stretch, then inspected regularly by regional inspector, and then regularly (less often) by a federal inspector.

William Creek is South Australia's smallest town. It was a stop on the old Ghan Railway.

Visited several stations (Anna Creek passed through several times), into Williams Creek and Oodnadatta. Anna Creek is world's largest (perhaps 2nd after an amalgamation in NT last week).

Air conditioning broke down half way and temps were in mid-40s and it was hot in the bus afterwards. He will to take it to at least Port Augusta if not Adelaide to repair the air con.

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