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John Anstead was born 1826 in Devon, England. He sailed on the ship “Ascendant” which docked in Sydney. From there he travelled to Brisbane, arriving 24 June 1858.

It is thought that John originally settled in an area south of Mt Crosby Road. Later the family moved to the northern side of Mt Crosby Road, opposite the junction of Kangaroo Gully and Mt Crosby Roads.

John married Susannah Williamson (b 1839 in County Down, Ireland) on 8 April 1866. They had five children, Mary Ann (1867), Louisa (1869), Emma (1871), John (1873) and Joseph Thomas (1876).

John spent his pioneering days as a timbergetter. He died 3 September 1893. Susannah died 1 October 1910. Both are buried in Moggill Cemetery.

Their eldest son, John remained in Moggill, where he began work as a farmer. He married May Bindett on 14 December 1898. Later he managed Sugars’ quarry. It is said that stone from this quarry was used in the construction of the Treasury Building. When the quarry closed he worked as a general carrier in the Moggill area. He also ran a dairy farm.

John and Mary had four children, Mary Agnes (1899), Annie Victoria (1901), and twins John and William (1904). John died 21 March 1948.

Joseph Thomas Anstead married Isabella Brown Bainbridge. He moved from Moggill for a short time. Later he settled in Mt Crosby and worked for the Brisbane City Council water treatment works. In 1932 he returned to Pullenvale, bought a property from Tom Bainbridge and retired.

John Anstead (1904) married Ivy Florence Doyle. Together they had two children, Noel John and Jacqueline Ivy.

William married Violet Currie and had four children, Audrey Merle, Wilma, Janette Helen, and Raymond John. He resides in the suburb of Anstead which is named after his pioneering forebears.


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