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Hello and Welcome to the Moggill Page.

"What?" "Where is Moggill?" I hear you cry!
Moggill is now an outer western suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

This page and its subsequent links will be dedicated to the history and people of this area.

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"Parsee" - Passenger List - Moreton Bay - 11 January 1853   

Sugars - Genealogy

Fifty Years in Queensland - Living Pioneer Colonists (1909)

    Cemetery Anstead Bainbridge Bird Boyle
    Campbell Currie Doyle Finlay Hallett
    Lather Makepeace Owens Sexton Genealogy Links
    Shield Sugars Twine Westcott Childhood Memories

Other names I uncovered whilst researching....little is known about them. It may be of help.

    Pook Wilson Stock Moffitt Fryar
    Roper Holz Westaway Stafford Tempest
    Black Stanley Randall Guymer Morris
    Lewis Gibson Hooper Pettigrew Greer
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Moggill - History
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