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The year 1849 marked the arrival of Dr John Dunmore Lang’s controversial free settlers from Britain and the Campbell family. Donald Campbell (50), his wife Marion (42) and family sailed on the “Harbinger’ which docked at Sydney in February 1849. The Campbell's then travelled to Moreton Bay on a coastal sailer.

Donald and Marion had nine children:

Ewen (22)	Allan (20)	Alexander (18)	Donald (16)	John (14)
Christina (12)	Angus (10)	Mary (7)	Ewan (5)

Upon their arrival in Moreton Bay they set off for Glenelg Station, near Warwick. Glenelg Station was held by McLeod and Ewan Campbell. From Glenelg the family moved to Bin Bin near Dalby. Eventually they settled permanently in Moggill in March 1852.

Marion was left with nine children to manage the farm when Donald died 1 August 1858. He was buried in Moggill Cemetery. Some of the children became land owners in the Moggill district. John owned selection 38. Donald and Alexander owned the land on which the Moggill Cemetery is sited until it was resumed by the Crown.

Christina married James LOW (a fellow Scot from Aberdeen) 9 May 1861. The only other family member to marry was Mary who married John GUNN. They settled in the Laidley area.

Marion saw the death of her eldest son , Ewen, in 1864. Marion died in 1893 at the ripe of age of 98. She too, is buried in Moggill Cemetery.


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