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2 July 1863, the “Caingorn” arrived in Brisbane. Amongst the emigrants were Dougald and Margaret CURRIE and their children, Mary, Thomas, John and Margaret. Robert Bower BAINBRIDGE also emigrated on this ship. All were natives of Scotland.

By 1870, Dougald and his family were settled in Pullen Vale on portion 225 when they felled timber to build their home. He farmed the land and lived there until his death in 1882.

His daughter, Mary, selected the 59 acres adjoining portion 225. She married Robert Bower Bainbridge in 1871. Although Robert often worked away from home for a number of years, this was always their permanent home. Here their eleven children were born and nine of those children are buried in Moggill Cemetery as are their parents and their maternal grandparents.

The children:
Elizabeth		m  Harry RANDALL  (later Mayor of Wynnum)
John			m   Annie Ethel KIMBER
Mary Macpherson		m  George STAFFORD
Janet Ann
Robert James		m  Margaret CURRIE
Thomas William		m  Alice BINDLEY
Isabella Brown		m  Joseph Thomas ANSTEAD
The three girls who married moved away with their husbands, whilst the remainder made Pullen Vale their permanent home.

Thomas Currie married Margaret Templeton and made their home in the Ipswich area. It is believed they had eight children including twins. One of the twins, Lydia was around 11 when killed by a falling tree. She is buried in Moggill Cemetery as is her father Thomas.

John Currie married Sara (Sarah) TOLMAN in 1881 at his parents residence in Pullen Vale.
They had eleven children:

John Dougal
Mary		m  Henry Edward BIRD
Margaret	m  Robert James BAINBRIDGE
Floretha	m  John JOHNSON
Sarah Ileen	m  Fredic James GILLINGWATER
Violet		m  William ANSTEAD
Vivian James	m  Ida Sarah ELSE


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