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John Doyle of Manchester was aged about 15 when he was arrested on 9 April 1832. He was tried and convicted of stealing hankerchiefs. For this crime he was sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia. He was transported on the ship “Planter”. Upon arrival he was assigned to work for William Barnes in the district of Paterson ...the Paterson River is a tributary of the Hunter River in New South Wales.

Circa 1837, John was granted his ticket of leave. He married Ann GRAHAM (24) on 5 August 1843. It is uncertain how many children were born to John and Ann. Five children are known:
George (1854)     Ann Jane (1848)     Henry (1852)     John James (1856)     Fanny (1860)

In 1846, John , Ann and their son George moved to Queensland. In 1848 their address was listed as being, Ipswich. Between 1852 and 1856 the Doyle moved to Moggill.

After settling in Moggill, John tried his hand as a farmer and timber getter. Ann died 17 May 1897, John died 24 March 1898. Both are buried in Moggill Cemetery.

Their son, George (22) married Julia SPLAINE (21) on 1 February 1868. They raised nine children of whom 7 are known:
Maurice     Henry     Ernest     Amy     Catherine     Graham     George

They settled in Rafting Ground Road, Brookfield. George worked as a timbergetter. He died 6 June 1911 at Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island. Julia died 1 April 1915 and was buried at Brookfield.

George Doyle was born 28 April 1868 in Moggill. George became a Police Officer. He died whilst on duty at Lethbridges Pocket in the Canarvon Ranges. George Doyle and Albert Dahlke were murdered Easter Sunday, 30 March 1902. The largest manhunt in Australian Police history followed. Two brothers, Patrick and James Kenniff were tried and found guilty of the crime.

Graham and Maurice served as members of the Moggill Shire Council. Henry married Florence TWINE. Together they raised four children on their property in Brookfield.
Henrietta Lilian     Ivy Florence     Violet Gertrude     Victor Edmund

Henrietta Doyle was born 15 February 1907 at Moggill. She married Thomas George O’NEILL on 24 May 1939. They had five children. Thomas died 9 April 1973 and Henrietta died on 1 March 1976. Both are buried in Nudgee Cemetery.


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