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Robert SEXTON (1816 - 1898) together with his wife, Mary BACON (1816 - 1898) and children John and Thomas (1847 - 1929) arrived on the “Lima” in 1849. After living at West End for a short time they travelled to Moggill on “The Hawk”.

Robert bought a property known as “Woodbine Hill” from the New South Wales Government. This property remained in the family for three generations.

Robert and Mary had another three children born in Moggill. They were Elizabeth, Annie and George (1857 - 1923).

Robert and his son Thomas were foundation members of the Moggill Methodist church built in 1868.

George Sexton was nine years of age when the first Moggill school was opened on 12 February 1866, so could have been on of the fifty three on the first roll. Unfortunately, records of early attendances have been lost.

George’s’ children and grandchildren certainly attended the Moggill School. George married Emily WALLER and hod two children, Norman (1894 - 1984) and Roy (1896 - 1984). Roy married Ruby SUGARS (1900 - 1986) of another family of Moggill pioneers. They purchased land at Ugly Creek, Moggill whey they raised four children, Greg, Thelma, Lloyd and Ken, before leaving Moggill in 1938.

Norma married Jessie Martin (1894 - 1980) and reared five children, Robert, Gordon, Max, Jean and Joan. They lived on the family property until 1949.


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