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Isabella and James SHIELD of Northumberland, England arrived in Australia on board the “Stamboul” in 1854. They were accompanied by their children, Thomas, Ann, Mary Ann, James, Michel Fryar and William Leonard. They first settled in the Newcastle area to be near Isabella’s parents, Thomas and Mary Ann FRYAR.

After the death of Isabella’s father, Isabella and James decided to follow William Fryar (Isabella’s brother) to Moggill. James had been a pitman in the Northumberland Coal Mines. However, James decided to take on farming and also run the general store instead of seeking work in the nearby coal mines. On 4 February 1881, James became the first official postmaster for the Moggill Area.

Three more children were born to Isabella and James, namely, Mark, Leonard and Isabella.

Isabella and James lived to celebrate their Diamond Wedding. James was buried in Moggill Cemetery on 20 January 1901 and Isabella on 10 July 1908.

Mark Shield (1857) attended the local school. He was registered as a authorised surveyor on 9 January 1897. On 21 April 1885, he married Caroline Buckby. Mark and Caroline had six children:
Mark	John	Ray	Caroline	Alan	Ivy	Iris

Mark Shield Snr was buried in Moggill Cemetery on 8 January 1906.

William Leonard Shield married Eva BEARD in 1907. They had five sons:
Will	Jim	Eric	Bert	Ian
Despite having lost part of one arm, William ran the farm (Rosehill) and earned a reputation as a timber getter. He was a typically rugged and vigorous pioneer. William died in 1918 and was laid to rest in Moggill Cemetery.


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