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Job TWINE, his wife Ann CUMBERLAND and their four children (William, Elizabeth, Robert Cumberland and Ann) left England in 1849 for Australia aboard the ship “Lima”.

Upon their arrival they settled in Wickham Terrace. Twine Street recalls this early pioneer. Later, Job purchased a property in Moggill. The property being the first recorded survey in Moggill.

William (a surveyor) married Ann SHIELD. Elizabeth married the Hon John PETTIGREW M.L.A. Robert Cumberland married Sarah COLLINS. Descendants of Robert Cumberland and Sarah still live on part of the original holding. Ann married Thomas SHIELD.

Job Twine, his son William and John Pettigrew were instrumental in having Ipswich proclaimed a city on 3 March 1860.

Job died in 1877, Ann in 1879. Both are buried in Moggill Cemetery.

Robert Cumberland Twine took over the farm upon his father’s death. Robert Cumberland and Sarah had five children:
Albert Cumberland	Charles		Ernest		Frank		Florence

Albert carried on the farm when his father died. He ran a dairy, small crops and was an apiarist. He had five children:
Herbert		Frank		Colin		George		Winifred

Albert died in 1968. The land went to his four sons and was subsequently sold. Frank kept a portion and is still living there today.

Charles worked as a motorman for the Brisbane Tramways for many years. He had one son, Cecil.

Ernest was a farmer and interested in Jersey cattle. Later, he went to work in the tramways. He had four children.

Florence (DOYLE) lived in Brookfield and also had four children.

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