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Herbert Ernest WESTCOTT married Rosina Elizabeth OKINES at St Peter’s Church, Battersea, London on 20 December 1903. In 1911, Herbert and Rosina left England for Australia on the “Arrianus”, with their three children.

After arriving in Brisbane they travelled by train to Riverview, where they crossed by ferry to Moggill. They made their way to Dog Street where they first stayed. Herbert and Rosina had another six children.
Their children:

Dorothy		Herbert		Kate	John (Jack)	Lillian	Walter (Bob)	Ruth

Ernest 		Philip.

All the children attended Moggill State School, started when they arrived in 1911.

Herbert worked in Sugars’ quarry. Later they bought property in Witty Road, 99 acres on one side and 34 acres on the other side. Herbert started farming. He had a dairy and sent cream to Kingston Butter Factory. He also started a poultry farm call “The Surrey Poultry Farm”. He also grew pineapples.

Herbert’s two youngest boys still live in Moggill on parts of the original property. Ernest has a property in Hawkesbury Road and his youngest son Herbert (Bert) also owns part of the original property. Herbert’s children, Ashley and Allison, attend Moggill School.

Philip lives in Church Road, his property is the pack piece that joins Witty Road. Philip’s three sons live in the district. Robert has a son Benjamin and lives at Bellbowrie.

Alan, also at Bellbowrie has two children, Daniel and Joanne.

Donald lives in Moggill, has two children, Emmily and Timothy.

Daniel, Joanne, Timothy, Ashley and Allison are the third generation of the Westcott family to attend Moggill State School.

An interesting fact is that when Herbert lived in England his back fence joined his neighbour Charles SUGARS. Herbert’s property in Moggill also joined his neighbour...the same Charles Sugars.

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