OSBORNE, George d: approx 1880
PAULSON, John d 10.7.1940 aged 73
PAULSON, Petronella d: 26.11.1947 (lived at American River)
SAWYER, Rose (Mrs) d: approx 1967 aged 83
SEYMOUR, Joseph d: 11.10.1946 aged 89 (grandson of Nat Thomas)
SEYMOUR, William d: approx 1878 (husband of Mary nee Thomas)
SIMPSON, Hannah d approx 1904 aged 65 (daughter of Nat Thomas)
SIMPSON, Thomas (Snr) d. approx 1904 aged 85, (husband of Hannah)
SIMPSON, William Valentine d. 3.10.1936
TAIT, Nellie (daughter of Peter Tait)
TAPLEY, Capt. Richard arr S.A. 1840
TAPLEY, John (skipper of cutter Albatross) d. 23.1.1869
TAYLOR, d. approx 1909 aged 5 (son of J.T. Taylor)
THOMAS, Mary d: 12.12.1960
TRAVERS, William (Bill) d. Feb 1909 (Stonemason on KI approx 30 years)
TRETHEWEY, Bruce d: 5.3.1909 aged 4
WHITE, Frank George d. Jun 1918 (lived in American River)
WILLSON, Ann Ethel d. 29.3.1979 aged 89 (wife of Ernest)
WILLSON, Elizabeth Lille
WILLSON, Ellen d: 1.4.1906 (wife of Thomas snr)
WILLSON, Jean Mary d: 7.5.1982 age approx 72
WILLSON, Katie d: 23.5.1886 (wife of Martin)
WILLSON, Zulieme Jane d: 21.9.1916 age approx 12 (daughter of C.D. WILLSON)

Penneshaw Cemetery

All the headstone photos in Penneshaw cemetery, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.
Names in photographed order
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Latitude -35.72270438835926, Longitude 137.9220986001633
Latitude -35° 43’ 22", Longitude 137° 55’ 20"

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