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Penneshaw cemetery, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Address: Howard Drive, Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.
Opened: 1868
# graves: ~200

The first officially recorded burial at this site was Frederick Ebert in 1868, though the area was not surveyed as a public cemetery until 1876.

Before 1868, and in some cases after this date, deceased persons in the Dudley District were buried near to where they had lived or died. Some of these sites are known, but too many have been lost to local knowledge over time and much is left to conjecture.

Penneshaw was known as "Hog Bay" until 1884.

Some of the people buried here were pre-colonial settlers who had made the eastern end of Kangaroo Island their home, many years before the landing in July 1836 at Reeves Point of pioneering families brought out from England by the South Australian Company.

Many of the headstones come from the mainland. Locally used materials include Windmill Beach rocks and more recently slate.

Penneshaw cemetery was heritage listed in 1995. More comprehensive information about Dudley District pioneers is available at the Penneshaw Maritime and Folk Museum.

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