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Thomas SUGARS JP was born in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England on 26 August 1834. He married Sophia BREED (1831) on 20 April 1857 in Ampthill.

They sailed on the “Irene” which departed Liverpool on 23 October 1857. It was 111 days before they arrived at Moreton Bay on 11 February 1858. Upon arrival, Thomas gained employment at Redbank Boiling Downs. In 1864 he moved to Moggill where he spent 14 years timber getting and 9 years farming.

Thomas and Sophia had eleven children, four of whom died in infancy (Sarah, Elizabeth, George and Walter). The surviving children were:
Thomas George		Mary Ann	Sarah Ann	Eliza	William

Frederick Charles	Albert Edward

In 1887, Thomas open a blue metal quarry on the banks of the Brisbane River. It was quoted as “the best and nearest to Brisbane and one of the most important industries in the district”. Frederick Charles died in an accident at the quarry in 1934. In 1888, Thomas was reported to have owned approximate 400 acres of land in the Moggill area.

On 25 June 1888, Thomas became a Justice of the Peace. He also served as a member of the Indooroopilly Divisional Board and maintained a strong interest in dairy farming up to the time of his death. He was a foundation member of the Moggill Methodist Church and supported the Salvation Army by donating material for the construction of a hall. He later paid half the cost when the hall was shifted to Bundamba.

Charles Sugars (Thomas’ nephew) migrated to Australia in 1887. Charles married Jessie MITCHELL in the Wesleyan Church, Moggill before settling in the area in 1893.

Two of Thomas’ grand sons, William George and Leonard Walter and great nephew Vivian Vincent are honoured on the War Memorial situated in Kenmore.

The Sugars family is connected by marriage to other Moggill families including the Eggar, Finlay, Greer, Hallett, Roberts and Sexton. Sophia died in 1914 and Thomas died in 1915. They are both buried in Moggill Cemetery along with four of their children (George, Walter, Elizabeth and William), a grand daughter (Evaline), daughter-in law (Ellen), great niece (Rose) and grand son Roderick William.

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