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"Parsee" - Passenger List - 11 Jan 1853 - Moreton Bay

Moggill - Cemetery - Pioneers

Fifty Years in Queensland - Living Pioneer Colonists (1909)

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"When an old person dies ... it is like a library burning to the ground"

I came across that quote some time ago. At that stage my father was quite ill...the message hit home and my research began. My father died shortly after...I am pleased to say that we spent time together with me discovering and him rediscovering our 'extended' family. I suppose there is a moral to this story...learn what you can before it is gone!

Well, that's how the genealogy bug bit and I'm yet to find the cure. My research has been mainly based in Australia. I am now keen to uncover the origins of the Sugars family. Hence this page. Hopefully, someone, somewhere is researching the Sugars family or has a connection with the Sugars family.

My great grandfather, Thomas Sugars, was born in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England. He married Sophia nee Breed. They arrived in Australia (Moreton Bay) in 1857, aboard the ship "Irene". Thomas and Sophia eventually settled in Moggill. Little is know of their first born daughter, Sarah Ann. It would appear that she died during the voyage or shortly after their arrival. Thomas and Sophia had a further 10 children, Thomas George, Sarah Ann, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, George, William, Frederick Charles, Walter and Albert Edward.

If you have any Sugars in you family tree... please contact me. All letters/enquiries will be answered.

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Can you identify this person??

This one photograph from my collection. It is simply labled "Cousin -went to New Zealand". I assume the surname is Sugars. Any takers? I would love to track down this link.

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This is my list to date. I will add more information as the page progresses.

Sugars (England - Australia)
Breed (England)
Thiesfield (Germany - Australia)
Page (England)
Merritt (England)

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